Automation of Amazon Affiliate
Program for Publishers

Krumble is a simple and reliable technology that automates the management of the Amazon Affiliate Program for Publishers.

# They trust us

# Amazon Affiliate Program and Krumble

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program ?
The Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the most popular advertising programs on the Internet. It allows publishers to advertise products sold by Amazon and earn commissions on every sale. The Amazon program provides classic ads and a very complete API.

How do we improve the Amazon Affiliate Program ?
We believe that Amazon's API makes it possible to optimize ad performance by displaying dynamic ads based on the content of the page and the behavior of your visitors.
Krumble lets you get the most out of the Amazon API without needing to know about IT development.

Why use Krumble ?
This technology is for publishers who wish to:

  • Increase their income.
  • Simplify everyday life.
  • Improve the user experience of Internet users.

How much does it cost ?
Krumble is free, we propose it because we find it useful for publishers.

How many languages support with?
Krumble supports with english, french, portuguese, german, spanish and italian.

You can focus on what you like, share your knowledge by providing amazing content.

# You keep control


Dynamic ads

Automatic creation of ads produced according to the context of each of your pages.


Full dashboard

Campaign data available
Impressions / click / CTR / Visibility
Export in CSV format

Improvement with Krumble

Amazon Krumble
Static ads
Dynamic ads
Ads update
Ads size available 4 9
Desktop 4 7
Mobile 1 4

# Only 3 steps

  • 1) Register your websites
  • 2) Generate your advertising tags
  • 3) Start running your ads

# Before starting

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